Case Study

Destree is a Parisian fashion brand known for its architectural pieces and a play on volumes, geometry and asymmetry, in line with their distinctive ‘totemic-style’ accessories.


The brief: To create Destree’s first retail activation pop-up in Selfridges London (The first outside of France) that hero the products and allow interesting visual merchandising product presentation and display.

Our client came to us because we have experience working with renowned department stores such as Selfridges and our history of bringing to life other retail activations and pop-ups there. 

Destree wanted to pack a punch and reinforce its design which is why we decided to do the whole thing in their very on-trend green brand colour. Our intention was to create a retail space that stands out so that customers and passers-by would be attracted and be able to recognise it. 


For Destree, we carried out the whole activation which included concept design, technical development & engineering, manufacture and installation. What sets us apart from other companies is our quick turnaround time - we delivered the whole project from brief to installation in less than 4 weeks. 


Visual merchandising adds value to products by displaying them in a way that not only better exhibits the product, but can also achieve other goals – such as elevating the products so that they look more premium. This is important for a couple of reasons: Firstly, to introduce higher price point merchandise (and ranges with better margins), VM is used to better align the product with its competitors. This raises the perception and matches the customer expectation associated with higher-priced goods. Secondly, as current product ranges expand, they also need to look desirable and be displayed in a suitable manner accordingly. 


The Destree install was only supposed to be a month-long retail activation pop-up, but because of its huge success; it is now going into its third month in Selfridges. This is why we believe in understanding the customer experience/journey because it can make all the difference which is reflected in the extension of this retail activation pop-up.