Case Study

The Brand: Poundland is a British variety store chain founded in 1990, selling most items at the single price of £1, including clearance items and proprietary brands.



The Brief: Poundland came to us seeking to design a new large store format and is keen to partner with an agency to help them create a new and exciting ‘look & feel to really make a step change in their customer experience, whilst retaining their Poundland discount ‘heritage’.



Poundland approached us because they were looking for experts to help them fit out a new large format store and they realised that they needed a different customer experience and wayfinding techniques than they currently have. Northbanks worked very closely with Poundland by visiting a few of their key stores and went up to the head offices and created workshops with the management team and all the key players to bring together all the different aspects of the project.


We then took all these findings and created a proposal for them on how a large store format could work in all the different product categories that they have so that the shopping experience/journey is better. Our proposal promotes add-on sales where a customer buys more rather than buying one or two items.  They really wanted to entice customers to get a shopping cart and fill the shopping cart with a lot of things as they are walking through the store. So, we had to come up with a very nice proposal on how they can do this with examples from around the world showing other brands how they are in very similar situations.


We became their go-to guys as they were very impressed with the proposal we pitched them. It was a different way of approaching the fit and they loved it! We supported them throughout the whole process by attending potential sites, guiding the design team on feasibility, worked with the VMs to make sure everything in the store is presented in such a way that the customer journey is seamless.


We at Northbanks really believe that the customer journey is the most important thing when fitting out a store. Creating a seamless experience for your customer from the minute they walk in right until they walk out is essential to having a successful retail format. You want to be guiding your customer to certain products etc.


We loved working with Poundland and are looking forward to seeing what’s next!